Ghana Journal of Development Studies (GJDS)

Ghana Journal of Development Studies (GJDS) is a multi-, trans- and an inter-disciplinary journal with a development focus. The GJDS publishes works on development policy, programming and projects, whether analytical, evaluative, basic, applicative and/or descriptive.  It accepts papers from varied disciplinary areas including the physical sciences, social sciences and the humanities that show direct relevance to development. Emphasis is on empirical research that build on and/or ground theory. However, manuscripts of high quality on theoretical aspects of development-related disciplines as well as book reviews are considered for publication. Critical reviews and books reviews on development literature are also welcome.

The GJDS provides a forum for researchers and development-related professionals to re/present their works on critical research and analysis of development issues with emphasis on, but not exclusive to the Ghanaian and African setting. It also welcomes comparative work on Africa (country, sub-regional, continental) and elsewhere.

The GJDS is a journal of the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies of the University for Development Studies, Ghana.  It was founded in 2004.

The GJDS is peer-reviewed by accomplished Ghanaian/African scholars of varied disciplinary orientations.